Multiple Select


Multiple Select Fields offer a way to choose several predefined options for each record. This field type is particularly suited for scenarios that may require assigning multiple labels, categories, or attributes to records.

How to Set Up

  1. In your table view, select "Add Field".

  2. Name your field and choose "Multiple select" as the field type.

  3. Begin entering your options, and optionally define a unique color for each to make them more identifiable in tables or other views.

Use Cases

Multiple select fields are especially useful in the following scenarios:

  • Tags or Keywords: For instance, when tracking content projects, an article or video might cover multiple subjects such as "Technology", "Design", and "Marketing".

  • Skills or Competencies: In a personnel database, an individual may possess several skills, such as "Programming", "Project Management", and "Public Relations".

  • Departments Involved in a Project: When a project spans multiple departments, such as "Sales", "R&D", and "Finance".


  1. Flexibility: Unlike single-choice fields, multiple select fields allow you to choose multiple values, providing more contextual information for each record.

  2. Visualization: Assigning different colors to each option allows for quick identification and categorization of records in a table.

  3. Filtering and Sorting: You can filter or sort records based on one or more options in a multiple select field, making data management more efficient.


Multiple select fields play a crucial role in products, offering a flexible and intuitive way to tag and categorize records. By leveraging multiple select fields effectively, you can describe and organize your data more accurately.

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