Collaborate with your team on the database.

Teable is a powerful visual interface built on relational databases (PostgreSQL).

It uses a simple, spreadsheet-like interface to create complex enterprise-level database applications. Unlock efficient app development with no code, free from data security and scalability hurdles. You can think of it as migrating the powerful capabilities of Airtable onto PostgreSQL while inheriting exceptional performance and stability from the physical databases.

This project is still under development and can only be used for preview


📊 Spreadsheet-like interface

All you want is here

  • Cell Editing: Directly click and edit content within cells.

  • Formula Support: Input mathematical and logical formulas to auto-calculate values.

  • Data Sorting and Filtering: Sort data based on a column or multiple columns; use filters to view specific rows of data.

  • Aggregation Function: Automatically summarize statistics for each column, providing instant calculations like sum, average, count, max, and min for streamlined data analysis.

  • Data Formatting: formatting numbers, dates, etc.

  • Grouping: Organize rows into collapsible groups based on column values for easier data analysis and navigation.

  • Freeze Columns: Freeze the left column of the table so they remain visible while scrolling.

  • Import/Export Capabilities: Import and export data from other formats, e.g., .csv, .xlsx.

  • Row Styling & Conditional Formatting: Change row styles automatically based on specific conditions. (coming soon)

  • Charts & Visualization Tools: Create charts from table data such as bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, etc. (coming soon)

  • Data Validation: Limit or validate data that are entered into cells. (coming soon)

  • Undo/Redo: Undo or redo recent changes. (coming soon)

  • Comments & Annotations: Attach comments to rows, providing explanations or feedback for other users. (coming soon)

  • Find & Replace: Search content within the table and replace it with new content. (coming soon)

🗂️ Multiple Views

Visualize and interact with data in various ways best suited for their specific tasks.

  • Grid View: The default view of the table, which displays data in a spreadsheet-like format.

  • Form View: Input data in a form format, which is useful for collecting data.

  • Kanban View: Displays data in a Kanban board, which is a visual representation of data in columns and cards. (coming soon)

  • Calendar View: Displays data in a calendar format, which is useful for tracking dates and events. (coming soon)

  • Gallery View: Displays data in a gallery format, which is useful for displaying images and other media. (coming soon)

  • Gantt View: Displays data in a Gantt chart, which is useful for tracking project schedules. (coming soon)

  • Timeline View: Displays data in a timeline format, which is useful for tracking events over time. (coming soon)

🚀 Super Fast

Amazing response speed and data capacity

  • Millions of data are easily processed, and there is no pressure to filter and sort

  • Automatic database indexing for maximum speed

  • Supports batch data operations at one time

Seamless integration with the software you are familiar with

  • BI tools like Metabase PowerBi...

  • No-code tools like Appsmith...

  • Direct retrieve data with native SQL

🧠 Copilot (coming soon)

Native Integrated AI ability

  • Chat 2 App. "Create a project management app for me"

  • Chat 2 Chart. "Analyze the data in the order table using a bar chart"

  • Chat 2 View. "I want to see the schedule for the past week and only display participants"

  • Chat 2 Action. "After the order is paid and completed, an email notification will be sent to the customer"

  • More actions...

🔒 Privacy-First

You own your data, in spite of the cloud

  • Bring your own database (coming soon)

⚡️ Real-time collaboration

Designed for teams

  • No need to refresh the page, data is updated in real-time

  • Seamlessly integrate collaboration member invitation and management

  • Perfect permission management mechanism, from table to column level

🧩 Extensions (coming soon)

Expand infinite possibilities

  • Backend-less programming capability based on React

  • Customize your own application with extremely low cost

  • Extremely easy-to-use script extensions mode

🤖 Automation (coming soon)

Empower data-driven workflows effortlessly and seamlessly

  • Design your workflow with AI or Visual programming

  • Super easy to retrieve data from the table

🗄️ Support for multiple databases (coming soon)

Choose the SQL database you like

  • Sqlite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, TiDB...

Why Teable?

No-code tools have significantly speed up how we get things done, allowing non-tech users to build amazing apps and changing the way many work and live. People like using spreadsheet-like UI to handle their data because it's easy, flexible, and great for team collaboration. They also prefer designing their app screens without being stuck with clunky templates.

Giving non-techy people the ability to create their software sounds exciting. But that's just the start:

  • As businesses expand, their data needs intensify. No one wishes to hear that once their orders reach 100k, they'll outgrow their current interface. Yet, many no-code platforms falter at such scales.

  • Most no-code platforms are cloud-based. This means your important data sits with the provider, and switching to another platform can be a headache.

  • Sometimes, no-code tools can't do what you want because of their limitations, leaving users stuck.

  • If a tool becomes essential, you'll eventually need some tech expertise. But developers often find these platforms tricky.

  • Maintaining systems with complex setups can be hard for developers, especially if these aren't built using common software standards.

  • Systems that don't use these standards might need revamping or replacing, costing more in the long run. It might even mean ditching the no-code route and going back to traditional coding.

What we think the future of no-code products look like

  • An interface that anyone can use to build applications easily.

  • Easy access to data, letting users grab, move, and reuse their information as they wish.

  • Data privacy and choice, whether that's in the cloud, on-premise, or even just on your local.

  • It needs to work for developers too, not just non-tech users.

  • It should handle lots of data, so it can grow with your business.

  • Flexibility to integrate with other software, combining strengths to get the job done.

  • Last, native AI integration to takes usability to the next level.

In essence, Teable isn't just another no-code solution, it's a comprehensive answer to the evolving demands of modern software development, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, has a platform tailored to their needs.

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