At Teable, we place a high emphasis on teamwork. With Teable's collaboration features, you can enhance task delegation and communication within your team by inviting others to collaborate with you.

In this section, we will leverage Teable to manage collaborative relationships between teams, foster a culture of accountability, and streamline team communication processes.

Space Roles

Assign roles to team members to precisely control access levels to your space.

When adding new users to a space, you have the option to choose a permission type for them. If you wish to select a different permission type for a user, you can easily change their space permission type by reallocating user permissions, which can be done in the member settings menu. Learn more about space permissions.

Users can be assigned the following permissions within a space:

  • Owner Responsible for management, has all permissions.

  • Creator Can perform creation actions.

  • Editor Can modify data.

  • Commenter Can comment on records.

  • Viewer Can view.

For specific permission details, please refer to the permissions section.

Teable's Advanced and Enterprise plans offer more powerful advanced user management features to enhance data protection and privacy requirements.

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