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(This feature is not yet available.)


Users can invite others to join their Base, provided that these invitees have the same or lower permission levels, and the space owner or organization administrators have not restricted the addition of collaborators.

Understanding Base Collaboration

Base collaborators have access to all data within a specific Base (at the designated permission level) without needing access to other Bases in the workspace. This is particularly useful for collaboration with individuals who do not need to see every Base in the entire space.

If you find yourself repeatedly adding the same person as a collaborator across multiple Bases within a single space, you might consider making this person a collaborator at the space level.

Adding Base Collaborators in Teable

To add one or more collaborators to an individual Base, rather than to the entire space, you need to navigate to the Base's invitation dialog. You can access the invitation dialog for a Base from two different locations:

  • Home page - Browse to the Base you wish to invite to. When you hover over the Base name, you'll see a ... icon appear, click on that icon. Then, click the "Invite" option.

  • Open the Base - You can also access the Base's invitation dialog from within the Base itself by clicking the "Invite" button at the top right of the page.

Either method will open the invitation dialog. There are two different ways to share Base access with other users:

Invite by Email or Group

Within the invitation dialog, you can enter the email addresses of the users or groups you wish to collaborate with.

By entering an email and pressing enter, you can add multiple emails. Each email address will be displayed with a grey tag.

Use the dropdown menu on the right to set permission levels for the collaborators.

Optionally, add a message to provide background information about what you're sharing with the new collaborator.

You can also choose to invite this person or these people as collaborators to all other Bases in the {Space Name} space by checking "Invite to all other Bases in the {Space Name} space".

Click the "Invite" button.

Alternatively, you can create a link that anyone opening it (at a specified permission level) will gain access. Note that you need to have at least creator permissions for the Base to create an invite link—if you are an editor, commenter, or read-only collaborator of the Base, you cannot create an invite link. To create an invite link from the opened invitation dialog:

By default, the invitation dialog is set to invite by email, so click on the "Create link" option (inside the Base) or "Invite by link" option (from the home page).

Now, set the permission level associated with the invite link. By default, it is set to allow anyone opening the link to obtain creator permissions, but if you click on the permissions dropdown menu, you can also set it so that anyone opening the link will gain editor, commenter, or read-only access.

You can also choose to allow anyone with a Teable account to work through the link, or you can set the link to be valid only for people with email addresses from specific domains (recommended). The latter option is very useful when you are working for an organization and want to restrict access to the Base to people within the organization only.

After setting the permission level and domain restriction (if needed), click the "Create link" button to create the invite link. Creating the link will create a new section named "Invite Link" within the invitation dialog, showing all the invite links created for that Base. A Base can have multiple invite links, with different permission levels and domain restrictions.

Click the link to copy it to the clipboard. You should see a notification pop up on the screen confirming that the link has been copied.

To delete an invite link, click the X next to the invite link. Deleting an invite link will invalidate it, and anyone attempting to access the Base through the old link will be unable to do so.

Removing Base Collaborators

To remove a Base collaborator:

From the open Base containing the collaborator you wish to remove, click the "Invite" button at the top right of the page.

This will open the invitation dialog. Next, click the "Manage" button next to the current list of collaborators.

This will open a new window where you can select individual collaborators to remove, or check the box at the top to remove multiple collaborators. At least one owner must be retained.

Managing Base and Space Collaborators

To manage your collaborators in one place:

First, open your space settings from the home page. If you are unfamiliar with the steps, here is a guide for reference.

From there, you can see a list of all Bases in the space, as well as which collaborators have been invited to each Base.

You can also manage space collaborators from the same screen.

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