Created By


The "Created by" field is a special attribute that automatically identifies and records the initial creator of a data entry. It offers teams a powerful method to track and manage the origins of data, particularly valuable in scenarios where understanding the source or responsible party of the data is crucial.

Feature Details

Data Filtering and Sorting

  • Filter by Creator: You can use the "Created by" field to filter data by its initial creator. This is especially useful when looking for all data entries created by a specific individual.

Dynamic View Display

  • Filtering Based on the Current Creator: Similar to the member field, the "Created by" field also allows applications to dynamically display content based on the current user accessing it (if they are the creator of the data). This ensures that each creator only sees the data entries they have created.

Data Association

  • Association of Data with Creators: This field clearly displays the creator of each piece of data, ensuring that the origin of each entry can be easily identified within the team.

How to Use

  • Automatic Recording: The "Created by" field is auto-populated; when a new data entry is created, the field automatically records the current user as its creator.

  • Filter Function: In the data view, select the "Created by" field as a filter criterion, then choose a specific creator to find all entries they have created.


  • The "Created by" field is read-only, meaning it cannot be manually changed or edited.

  • Although the "Created by" field has filtering capabilities, it cannot be used as a grouping item in Kanban boards.

  • Similar to the member field, the filtering feature of the "Created by" field should not be misused for data access or editing permission control.


The "Created by" field provides teams with an automatic and accurate way to track the origin of data entries. Its auto-record and read-only characteristics ensure the authenticity and reliability of data. Despite its filtering capabilities, its non-editable nature and inability to be used as a grouping item in Kanban boards clarify its specific use within applications.

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