Created Time


The Created Time field is a special field that automatically records the moment a data entry is created. This field provides users with an exact time reference, facilitating the understanding and tracking of when data was generated.

Feature Details

Automatic Recording

  • When a new data entry is created, this field automatically captures the current date and time.

Data Filtering and Sorting

  • Data entries can be filtered by their creation time, aiding in the search for data created within specific time frames.

  • By combining filters, such as "Modified by" or "Member field," it's possible to precisely locate data created or modified by specific users within a given time period.

Data Analysis

  • This is particularly valuable for time-series analysis of data, helping to understand trends and cycles in data generation.

How to Use

  • Automatic Fill: When creating a new data entry, the Created Time field automatically records the current date and time without any need for user intervention.

  • Filtering and Sorting: In the data view, select the Created Time field as a filter or sorting criterion to find data entries created within specific time periods.


  • This field is automatically filled and cannot be modified. Any attempts to alter this field will be ineffective.


The Created Time field offers an accurate and reliable reference for when data is generated, requiring no manual effort. It plays a key role in data tracking, analysis, and management.

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