Date fields allow users to store and manage time-related information. They can be used to save not only pure dates but also specific times and timezone information, making them perfect for tracking project progress, event dates, deadlines, and more.

Setting Up Date Fields

Adding a Date Field

  1. In the table view, click "Add Field."

  2. Name the field and select "Date" as the field type from the dropdown menu.

Date Field Options

  • Include Time: In addition to the date, you can opt to add a specific time.

  • Time Zone Selection: Choose a specific time zone for your date and time (defaulting to the current timezone), which is particularly important in international business or team collaborations.

  • Formatting Options: Date fields offer various formatting options to suit different needs, such as:

    • YYYY-MM-DD (for example: 2023-11-03)

    • DD/MM/YYYY (for example: 03/11/2023)

    • MM/DD/YYYY (for example: 11/03/2023)

    • D MMM YYYY (for example: 3 Nov 2023)

    • ...and many other format options.

Features and Functions

  • Date Picker: An integrated date picker tool makes selecting dates easy and ensures accuracy in date formatting.

  • Auto-fill: In certain scenarios, the system can automatically fill in dates and times for you, such as the record's creation or last modified date.

Use Cases

  • Project Management: Set clear start and end dates for tasks to keep projects on schedule.

  • Event Planning: Keep track of upcoming events and meetings by recording their dates and times, ensuring nothing is missed.

  • Timeline Analysis: Sort and analyze time-series data, like sales trends or user activity levels.

Integration with Other Fields

  • Formula Fields: By combining date fields with formula fields, you can calculate date intervals, predict future dates, and more.

  • Gantt Chart View: In a Gantt chart view, date fields help visually represent the progress of tasks or projects.


Date fields are a powerful and flexible tool suitable for various time-related applications. Proper use of date fields can help you manage time and tasks more effectively, thereby enhancing productivity and teamwork.

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