Last Modified By


The "Last modified by" field automatically records the user who last made changes to a specific data entry. This provides teams with a clear and accurate way to track the source of data changes.

Feature Details

Data Filtering

  • Filter by Modifier: You can find all data entries modified by a specific person using the filtering function.

Dynamic View Display

  • Filter Based on Last Modifier: This field can be set to dynamically display content based on the last modifier of the data, ensuring that the team can quickly find data updated by a specific member.

How to Use

  • Automatic Recording: When a data entry is changed, the "Last modified by" field is automatically updated to record the current user as the last modifier.

  • Filtering Function: In the data view, select the "Last modified by" field as a filtering criterion, then choose a specific modifier to find all entries they have modified.


  • The "Last modified by" field is automatically updated, and users cannot manually change the value of this field.


The "Last modified by" field offers teams a simple yet effective way to track the source of the last changes to data entries, enhancing data transparency and management efficiency.

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