Last Modified Time


The Last Modified Time field is a special field that automatically records the timestamp of the last update made to a data entry. This field provides users with a timeline clue about data changes.

Feature Details

Dynamic View Display

  • Automatically updated timestamp: Whenever a data entry is modified, this field automatically updates to the current date and time.

Data Filtering

  • Filter by Last Modified Time: Users can filter data based on the last modified time to help find entries updated within a specific time frame.

Data Sorting

  • Sort by Last Modified Time: Enables sorting data entries by the most recent change time, making it easier to locate the newest or oldest entries.

How to Use

  • Automatic Recording: This field is auto-populated and does not require manual action. Each time a data entry is modified, the timestamp will automatically update to the current time.

  • Filtering and Sorting: In the data view, select the Last Modified Time field for filtering or sorting to find or organize data entries.


The Last Modified Time field offers users an intuitive and accurate way to track the last modification time of data entries, without manual effort, ensuring the accuracy of data timestamps. Combined with filtering and sorting capabilities, it facilitates the easy management and organization of data.

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