The rating field offers a streamlined way to add numerical ratings to records. This field type is often used for rating products, services, or other items, allowing users to quickly perform qualitative analysis on data.

Creating a Rating Field

To add rating data to a table, you can opt to add a rating field. Here's how:

  • Click the “Add Field” button in the table view.

  • Name the field, and select “Rating” as the field type from the dropdown menu.

Configuration Options

Maximum Value Setting

You can set the maximum value for the rating, such as the common 5-star or 10-star ratings. This maximum value determines the range of ratings users can choose from.

Display Icon

By default, the rating field uses star icons to represent ratings. However, you can choose other icons or symbols depending on your needs.

Use Cases

Product Reviews

If you're running an online store or app marketplace, the rating field can help you quickly see user ratings for each product, giving you insights into which products are popular.

Service Quality Feedback

For businesses providing services, you can use the rating field to gather customer feedback on your service, making it easy to identify areas for improvement.

Employee Performance Reviews

The rating field can also be used for internal employee performance reviews, allowing managers to quickly rate employees' performances.

Combining with Other Fields

Comments Field

By combining with a multi-line text field as a comments field, users can provide specific feedback or suggestions along with their ratings.

Average Score Formula

Using a formula field, you can calculate a comprehensive average score based on multiple rating fields, which is useful for considering evaluations from multiple aspects.


  1. The rating field should be used in conjunction with other fields like comments fields, allowing for both quantitative ratings and qualitative feedback.

  2. When setting the maximum value for ratings, ensure it aligns with your business or cultural context, as interpretations of ratings can vary by location.


The rating field is a practical tool, whether you're collecting customer feedback, evaluating employee performance, or conducting any form of quantitative assessment. Properly configuring and using the rating field can make your data richer and more meaningful.

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