The User field offers a powerful tool that allows you to specify, identify, and categorize participants in a project. This field type is particularly useful for applications that need to track project assignments or team collaborations. By utilizing the User field, you can easily manage and distinguish individuals associated with specific projects or tasks.

Feature Details

Data Filtering and Sorting

  • Filtering Participants: You can use the User field to filter specific participants. This is very useful for finding all projects or tasks related to a specific person.

  • Multiple Filtering: Combining filters from other fields allows for more detailed information management, such as finding all tasks managed by a specific member within a particular department.

Dynamic View Display

  • Filtering Based on the Current User: With the User field, you can set filters for the "current user" to dynamically display content based on the user currently accessing the system. This means that each user will see customized content relevant to them upon login and access.

Data Association

  • Project and User Association: The User field allows you to clearly understand which members are related to which projects. This not only helps to increase the transparency of the project but also facilitates team collaboration.

Data Visualization

  • Personalized Dashboards: Combined with other features, the User field can be used to create customized dashboards for specific users or teams, showing data and progress directly related to them.

  • User Kanban: Integrating with the Kanban view feature, the selectable User field can serve as a grouping item for Kanban boards, allowing for easier task assignment to members through card dragging.

How to Use

  1. Adding a User Field: When creating or editing a database, choose the User field as the field type.

  2. Specifying Participants: In a project or task, select the desired participants from the dropdown list by clicking on the User field.

  3. Filtering and Sorting: In the data view, use the filtering feature to select the User field, then choose the specific member you wish to filter the results by.


  • While the User field can be used for filtering and displaying data, it is unrelated to permissions and should not be used to control access or edit rights to data.


The User field provides a simple yet effective way for users to track and manage participants related to projects or tasks. Combined with other features, it enhances data filtering, sorting, and visualization, aiding teams in more efficient collaboration.

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