Show As


We've introduced a robust "show as" functionality that enables you to choose more interactive display methods for specific fields, thereby enhancing data readability and user interaction.

Text Fields Show As

  • URL: Converts text field content into clickable URLs, which open in a new tab when clicked.

  • Email: Formats text field content as email addresses, opening the default email application for composing a message when clicked.

  • Phone: Renders text field content as clickable phone numbers, initiating a call (depending on device capabilities) when clicked.

Numeric Fields Show As

For numeric fields, the following display options are available:

For Single-value Numeric Fields:

  • Bar Chart: Represents numeric values as bar charts. Options include customizing the color, deciding whether to display numeric values on the chart itself, and setting a specific number to represent the 100% maximum value for reference.

  • Ring Chart: Shows numeric values in a ring chart format. You can customize the color, choose to display numeric values, and set a specific number as the 100% maximum value for reference.

For Multi-value Numeric Fields:

  • Bar Chart: Displays multiple numeric values in a side-by-side bar chart format, with color customization available.

  • Line Chart: Visualizes multiple numeric values as a line chart, with options for color customization.

These "show as" options allow for a more intuitive and engaging way to view and interact with your data, making it both more accessible and visually appealing.

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